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Glassware laser engraving UV laser marking machine

The glass has good internal structure stability, high mechanical and chemical properties, low expansion coefficient, high temperature tolerance, good flame processing performance and good transparency. It can be made into a variety of different shapes of products using various ways as needed.

As an ancient material, glass can be used not only in the fields of architecture and art, but also in medical and instrumentation. In chemical laboratories, glass is an indispensable ware, and a lot of work needs glassware. Lets take a look at what glassware is there.

1. Beakers

Beakers are a common laboratory glassware, usually made of glass, plastic or heat-resistant glass. The beaker has a cylindrical shape with a notch on one side of the top for easy pouring of liquid. The outer wall of the beaker is also marked with a scale to roughly estimate the volume of liquid in the beaker.

2. Measuring cup

The measuring cup is a glass cylinder with scale to hold liquid.

3. Test tubes

Instruments commonly used in chemical laboratories, used as reaction vessels for small amounts of reagents, used at room temperature or when heated.

Glass is a kind of light transmission material. For a long time, the traditional marking method is difficult to produce clear and beautiful text and pattern logo on the glass. The glass Laser marking machine uses the laser beam to engrave the unremovable text pattern information on the glass surface, the effect is clear and beautiful.

The UV laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser adopts non-contact processing, which is not affected by mechanical movement, and the surface will not be deformed. The marking marked on the glass is clear and permanent, will not fade and fall off, and the processing precision is high and the speed is fast.


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