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How good is ccd laser marking machine?

At present, the modern factories are gradually moving towards automation and unmanned development. The general Laser marking machine, during the marking processing, the processed parts must be in a fixed position, and no shake is allowed during the processing, then the pattern can be processed to the specified position of the product, these are the common knowledge of the ordinary marking machine processing technology.

Nowadays, new technologies are emerging, and the visual positioning laser marking machines can realize accurate marking if the products are within the processing range of laser marking scanning galvanometers, even if the positions are different every time, it still can carry out marking processing.

The ccd visual positioning laser marking machine is mainly for the problem of difficult feeding, poor positioning and slow speed caused by the difficulty in designing and manufacturing the fixture in batch irregular marking. The CCD camera marking is solved by using external camera to capture the feature points in real time, the system provides materials freely, locates and marks accurately, which greatly improves the marking efficiency.

The CCD laser marking machine visual laser marking machine uses the principle of visual positioning. It first formulates the template of the product, determines the shape of the product, saves it as a standard template, and takes photos of the products to be processed during normal processing. Positioning is controlled by computer, and any shape can be identified, this process is especially suitable for small products, it eliminates the processing of positioning trays and fixtures, greatly saves the laser marking processing cycle.

The features of the ccd visual laser marking machine produced by Shenzhen Sun Laser are:
1. High pixel camera, high speed graphics capture card.
2. Coaxial positioning, camera synchronization with laser galvanometer, can achieve product synchronization positioning, synchronous laser, high precision, fast speed, hardware easy to install, no interference from the camera and the equipment galvanometer.
3. The laser marking machine can position accurately, and the products to be marked can be placed freely.
4. Save customers time cost of positioning molds.
5. It can reduce production processes for customer, improve production efficiency, reduce rejection rates and production costs. 


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