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Welding Process Application of Laser Welding Machine on Kitchen Range Hood

Range hood is a kitchen appliance that purifies the kitchen environment. It is installed above the kitchen stove, which can quickly remove and evacuate the burning waste from the stove and the harmful oil smoke generated during the cooking process. It can reduce pollution, purify the air, and have the safety protection effect of gas defense and explosion-proof.

Everyone knows that the smell of oil smoke is very horrible. In fact, the continuous exposure to oil smoke not only makes the nose suffered but also hurts the skin. Therefore, the range hood has been loved by the majority of families when it appears. With the growth of market demand, manufacturers of range hoods increase also, and people have higher and higher quality requirements for the range hoods. Therefore, the welding between the parts of the range hood is very important.

The laser welding technology used to weld the joint between the top cover and the side wall of the hood, has the advantages of fast welding speed, high precision, stable quality, convenient operation and simple maintenance etc. It is suitable for the production line and has high production efficiency.

The stainless steel Laser welding machine couples the high-energy laser beam into the optical fiber. After long-distance transmission, it is collimated into parallel light by the collimating mirror, and then focused on the stainless steel material of the range hood to perform welding. The weld is smooth, beautiful without black, and the welding effect is firm.

The YAG laser welding machine of Sunlaser has uniform energy distribution and the best spot required for welding. It is suitable for all kinds of complex seam welding, spot welding on various components, and flexible transmission non-contact welding on stainless steel parts that are difficult to reach, which has greater flexibility.


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