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Metal stainless steel cutting tool laser marking processing technology

If you want to make a delicious dish, you naturally need a sharp knife.
So how can we choose a good knife? In addition to looking at the specific shape, sharpness, and toughness of the tool, what other methods? The sharp-eyed buddy can definitely find that there are always some symbols on the cutting tool. Yes, the manufacturer, brand, specification, model, shape, angle, material and other information of the knife can be found through the marking symbol on the cutting tool surface.

In the past, these symbols and text information on the tool were marked by ink jet coding. However, ink printing is easy to fade, and relatively not environmentally friendly. It also generates harmful gases during the printing and dyeing process, which is detrimental to the health of the staff.

The insufficiency of the traditional ink jet marking makes the laser marking technology play a decisive role in the cutting tool production line. In particular, the use of permanent marking feature of laser marking is more conducive to the companys strict control on the product, and to some extent it can suppress the prevalence of counterfeit products.

The Laser marking machine adopts imported fiber laser and imported high-speed scanning galvanometer. The beam quality is good, the service life is long, the performance is stable and maintenance-free. And it has the characteristics of fast marking speed and high precision. The marking process is non-contact with permanent effect, humanized operation process, and stable running.

The fiber laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser uses a high-energy-density laser to locally irradiate the workpiece to vaporize the surface material or cause color change, thereby leaving permanent mark. It has very wide application, most of the metal or non-metal materials can be etched by laser.


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