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Application of Fiber Laser Marking Machine in Medical Equipment Industry

The key components of each medical device are printed with labels. The tag provides a record of where the work was made and can help track it in the future. The label usually includes the manufacturer, the production batch, and the identification of the device itself. All medical device manufacturers must label permanent and traceable products on the product for a variety of reasons, including product liability and safety.

The worlds medical device regulations require that devices and manufacturers identify through labels. In addition, tags must be provided in a human-readable format, but they can be supplemented by machine-readable information. Almost all types of medical products must be labeled, including implants, surgical instruments and disposable products, including intubation, catheters and hoses.

Fiber laser equipment marking is the most suitable technology for marking non-defective equipment. Fiber laser-labeled products can be properly identified and tracked throughout their life cycle, thereby improving patient safety, simplifying product recalls and improving market research. Laser marking is suitable for identification marks on medical devices such as orthopaedic implants, medical supplies and other medical devices because the marks are resistant to corrosion and subjected to a strong sterilization process, including the need for high temperatures to obtain a sterile surface for centrifugation and high pressure Sterilization process.

Fiber laser marking is an alternative to etching or engraving, both of which change the microstructure of the material and can lead to changes in strength and hardness. Because fiber laser marking is a non-contact engraving and works quickly, parts do not have to withstand the pressure and possible damage that other marking solutions can cause. "Grow" a dense cohesive oxide coating on the surface; no melting is required.

The UDI government guidelines for all medical devices, implants, tools and instruments define permanent, clear and accurate markings. Although tagging improves patient safety by reducing medical errors, provides access to relevant data, and facilitates device traceability, it is also used to combat counterfeiting and fraud.

Counterfeiting is a multi-billion dollar market. Optical fiber Laser marking machines provide UDI, which distinguishes manufacturers, product eras and serial numbers, which helps combat counterfeit suppliers. Counterfeit equipment and medicines are usually sold at a much lower price, but the quality is questionable. This will not only put the patient at risk but also affect the integrity of the original manufacturers brand.

Optical fiber marking machines have a small footprint and have a service life of between 50,000 and 80,000 hours, so they are very convenient and provide customers with good value. In addition, these laser equipment do not use harsh chemicals or high temperatures during the marking process and are therefore harmless to the environment. This method can permanently mark various surfaces with lasers, including metals, stainless steels, ceramics and plastics.


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