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Laser Marker Helps Sharing Bicycles Travel Civilized and Standardize Travel

The sharing of bicycles is essentially a new type of vehicle leasing business - bicycle rental, which mainly relies on the carrier as a bicycle. Can make full use of the rapid economic development of the city caused by the lack of bicycle travel; maximize the use of the public road pass rate. At the same time play a role in a healthy body. Since the end of 2016, domestic shared bicycles have suddenly become hot, and on the streets, as if overnight, shared bicycles have reached the point of “overspreading”, and roads of various cities are lined with bicycles of various colors.

However, as the number of bicycles soars, the sharing of bicycles is also faced with many problems. In the process of user lending, the password acquisition of smart locks by scanning two-dimensional codes is the model adopted by most shared bicycles. However, after the shared bicycles appeared in various cities, the two-dimensional codes were destroyed due to the use of two-dimensional codes for photo stickers and rivets for metal nameplates. January 16th, 2017, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, Shenzhen Shekou Bay Hayama Park entrance, there was a large area of man-made destruction of shared bicycles. Several brands of shared bicycles pile up into two "hills."

We often find it impossible to borrow a shared bicycle QR code on the road. This type of bicycle has already been used by some people as a "shared car." As the numbers and two-dimension codes on the current shared bicycles are easily erased and scratched, Shenzhen Shengtuo Lasers process engineers believe that the use of Laser marking machines can effectively curb such large-area shared-vehicle wear and tear, laser marking. Machine can play a variety of text, patterns, and not easily scratched.

Compared with traditional processing methods, laser marking machines are especially suitable for marking complex graphics because of their high-precision characteristics. The marking speed is quick and the marking is formed once. This greatly broadens the scope of application and looks at the long-term operating costs. The average operating cost of using a laser marking machine is much lower.


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