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Metal laser welding machine application on stainless steel hot pot

Hot pot food is suitable for all ages, is not unfamiliar to everyone. Whether it is light soup or spicy soup, it has been popular among consumers. The convenience, fast popular features of hot pot dining are accepted and loved by consumers. Especially the cold and dry weather in the northern region makes the hot pot market have great potentiality, and the operation methods of hot pot types are constantly innovating.

Hot pot is a unique way of eating food in China. The circular design of the hot pot makes the diners integrate a circle, which also indicates that the Chinese traditional customs of reunion. Nowadays, with the advancement of technology and the development of cooking techniques, hot pots are also becoming splendid and unique. A variety of hot pots add a lively atmosphere to the dining table.

Customs are different area from area even in a quite short distance. Chinas hot pots have different colors and various flavors. Combined with laser welding technology, stainless steel metal hot pot is also loved by the majority of restaurants.

Laser welding technology is a high tech, especially suitable for use in stainless steel hot pots due to its unique characteristics. At present, many manufacturers use Laser welding machine technology to produce stainless steel hot pot. There are many advantages of welding with stainless steel hot pot using laser welding machine. The laser welding will not affect the material, the product will not be deformed, and will not crack after folding. It has very good and beautiful welding effect.

Shenzhen Sunlasers fiber laser welding machine welds the product without contact. It has fast welding speed, large depth, little deformation. The equipment is simple, can be welded at room temperature or under special conditions. It has great flexibility to weld hard-to-reach parts.


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