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Laser welding machine welding technology in automotive lithium battery industry

With the development of human society and the continuous improvement of the level of industrialization and modernization, human society has achieved tremendous economic and technological achievements. At the same time, it has also led to increasingly serious environmental pollution in the world and the growing global energy crisis. The further deterioration of energy and environmental issues in recent years has a lot to do with the widespread use of automobiles. In order to alleviate this problem, China has included energy-saving and new energy vehicles in one of the strategic emerging industries. New energy vehicles will gradually replace traditional fuel vehicles and become a global consensus. Power batteries, as the core components of new energy vehicles, provide power. Performance, stability and safety are an important aspect of determining the performance of new energy vehicles. It is also an aspect that consumers must consider when selecting new energy vehicles. The quality of power battery welding plays a decisive role in the performance of power batteries.

one. Power battery classification
At present, the commonly used power batteries for electric vehicles include lead-acid batteries, nickel-cadmium and nickel-metal hydride batteries, lithium-ion batteries, lithium iron carbonate batteries, and fuel cells. This article mainly introduces the laser welding process of aluminum-shell lithium-ion batteries.

two. Application of Laser Welding in Automobile Aluminum Lithium Ion Battery Industry
Laser welding uses a laser beam as an energy source. The focusing device is used to condense the laser beam into a high-power density beam to heat the surface of the workpiece. Under the thermal conduction of the metal material, the interior of the material is melted to form a specific bath. Laser welding is a new type of welding method and it is still in a high-speed development stage. When using laser welding, the heat affected zone of the workpiece is small; welding spot is small, welding accuracy is high; welding method is non-contact welding, no external force is needed, product deformation is small; welding quality is high; .

three. Application of UW Laser welding equipment in automobile aluminum shell lithium ion battery industry
Shangtuo Laser is a state-level high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, production and sales of Laser welding machines. It is currently the most professional laser welding machine company in this field with the strongest R&D strength and highest technical level. Product types include YAG laser welding machine, fiber laser, etc. Power from 5W-1000W. Shangtuo laser equipment has been used for automotive aluminum housing batteries for up to 6 years. Different types of materials, different thicknesses and different connection methods are selected according to the different welding positions of automotive aluminum-casing Li-ion batteries. Laser.


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