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UV laser marking machine application in cosmetics logo marking and anti-counterfeiting

Speaking of cosmetics, we believe that we will not be unfamiliar, this is the girls favorite, every girl will have a variety of cosmetics at home. At present, as the popular saying goes "Make-up before going out is a kind of respect for each other."

Cosmetics, as a direct contact with the skin, have very high safety requirements. It is generally known that the profits of the cosmetics industry are super high, various brands, distinct grades, huge consumer groups and large market capacity are its typical industry features.

Under the boost of e-commerce, imported products have become the choice of more and more consumers. Local brands and imported foreign goods compete on the same stage, the products are difficult to distinguish and the quality is uneven, making the cosmetics industry be the heavy disaster area of fake and shoddy products.

The traditional marking method to print the anti-counterfeiting code, the date of manufacture, batch and other information on the cosmetic bottle is not clear, easy to erase, it will cause certain pollution to the product, and can not avoid more and more counterfeit and shoddy products. Therefore, more and more formal cosmetics brand manufacturers choose to use Laser marking machines to print information such as anti-counterfeiting codes and production batches on products.

The use of laser marking machine to mark the product completely eliminates the drawbacks of traditional coding method. The laser marking machine uses high-energy laser beam to implement non-contact processing on the surface of the cosmetics. The marked information is clear and exquisite with good permanent effect. The whole marking process has no pollution, which improves not only the grade of the cosmetic, but also the anti-counterfeiting property of the cosmetic, and protects the interests of formal brands.

The 3W UV laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sun Laser has simple structure, high beam quality and very small focus spot for ultra-fine marking. The output wavelength reduces the thermal influence on the workpiece, the galvanometer type high-precision marking head has fine marking effect and can be repeatedly processed, and the high-precision fine focus spot ensures the perfect marking result, the marking process is non-contact and the marking effect is permanent. Whether it is a cosmetic glass bottle, a paper box or other materials, the UV laser marking machine can do the job.


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