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Common problem

Several Common Fault Detection Methods for CO2 Laser Marking Machines

CO2 Laser marking machine is the use of laser beams on the surface of a variety of different materials marked with a permanent mark. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, or to “burn” the trace through the physical change of the surface material through light energy, or to burn off some of the material through the light energy to reveal the pattern required for etching. , text, bar code and other types of graphics.

Laser tube voltage indicator
1. The light is not normal light guide joint fever
The failure of the abnormal light-emitting joints due to light output is mainly due to the loosening of the light guide joints and the laser tube; the inspection method: the same as the light correction; elimination measures: replacement or adjustment of the light guide section, correction of the light path.

2. Decrease in laser power
This fault is commonly seen in the aging of the laser tube. Inspection method: check the voltage regulator with the multimeters voltage file and check the working voltage of the laser tube with a high-voltage meter. Processing method: replace the aged laser tube and replace damaged components.

Laser tube is not bright
1. The voltmeter has instructions
This fault is common in the open circuit of the power supply line and poor contact of the foot switch or manual switch. Inspection method: use a multimeter to measure; treatment method: repair or replace.

2. Voltmeter no indication
The fault common fuse is broken, or the circuit has an open circuit. Inspection method: Measured with a multimeter; Processing method: Replace the fuse, or turn on the circuit.

3. The power indicator is off
The power indicator is not lit. This fault is usually caused by a broken fuse, bad incoming contact, poor indicator line or bad indicator light. Check method: check the fuse, check the power input, check the indicator circuit, and remedy: replace the fuse. Repair the wire and replace the indicator light.

4 continuous burning fuse
For the continuous burning fuse, we analyzed the failure due to a short circuit in the machine and serious dirt in the machine. Inspection method: check the lines step by step, and there are mostly short-circuits in the high-voltage part. Processing methods: repair the short circuit and remove the dirt.

5. There is a discharge sound or arc light in the machine
There is a sound of discharge or arc in the machine. The dust, water or air humidity in the common machine is too high and there are corrosive gases. Inspection method: Observe the discharge point in a dark place; Disposal method: Remove dust, water, etc. and replace the working environment.

In addition, when we operate the laser marking machine, the following matters need special attention:
When adjusting the use of CO2 laser marking machine, if it is found to be discharged due to moisture or other reasons, it should be immediately shut down for maintenance. Taking a CO2 laser marking machine as an example, continuous operation can be performed for 4 hours at low currents. When high currents are used, the use time should be shortened as appropriate. When the chassis is to be grounded, the power cord should be single-phase three-wire; In the drying oven, prevent the lens from becoming moldy; during the inspection, the power supply should be cut off and high voltage discharge should be performed to ensure safety.


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