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Common problem

Fiber laser marking machine does not light out how to solve?

Fiber Laser marking machine uses fiber laser output laser, and then the high-speed scanning galvanometer system to achieve marking function. Fiber laser marking electromechanical light conversion efficiency. Engraveable metal materials and some non-metallic materials are mainly used in areas where depth, smoothness, and fineness are required.

Some manufacturers use the fiber laser marking machine to process the product, some failures may occur, such as the laser marking machine does not light. So why does the laser marking machine fail? How to solve it?

First, the reason why the laser marking machine does not shine:

1, the device itself is no problem, the laser marking machine light path, adjust the light path on it.

2. The power supply module is broken, or the power supply is broken. There are many reasons for this type of problem. The laser module has not been tuned properly and may result in no light. The board and software are not properly debugged.

3. The type of laser is not properly selected, the main board, the terminal board, the power supply, or the control line connection and the failure of the cooling water circulation system.

Second, the laser marking machine does not light the simple processing method:

1. Laser problems: In the case of ensuring that there is no problem with the output of the laser power supply, use an oscilloscope to give the laser signals to the laser, and if there is no light, the laser has a problem;

2, galvanometer problem: oscillating mirror swing position, or galvanometer is not powered (use the table to measure the switching power supply is normal), it may be broken lens, in this case, please do not always shine;

3, marking the card problem: test the output signal of the marking card laser terminal, there is no voltage change, if not, indicating that the marking card is broken;

4, improper operation caused: If there is a chiller equipment, if you do not open a chiller, the laser will not open, or the laser control at the joint switch, etc. are pulled out, a serious patient check it.

The above is a summary of the fiber laser marking machine is not out of light some of the treatment methods, I hope to be helpful to everyone! ! !


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