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How can laser welding machine extend the life of the machine in daily maintenance?

With the development of science and technology, laser equipment such as fiber Laser welding machines and YAG laser welding machines have become the standard for some high-end industrial production and processing companies. However, as a precision equipment machine, special care must be taken to maintain them. We all know that the service life is closely related to its daily maintenance work. How can we maintain the laser welding machine during its use? Today I came to talk about four suggestions for daily maintenance and maintenance of laser welding machines:

First, equipment cleaning
Before and after each work, first clean up the environment to make the floor dry and clean. Make YAG laser welding machine equipment clean again, including the external surface of the chassis, observation system, work surface, etc. to be free of debris and clean. Protective lenses need to be kept clean.

Second, cooling inspection
1) The maintenance of the cooling system is mainly to check the cooling water quality regularly. If the water quality becomes poor, cloudy, and the transparency deteriorates, new water should be replaced in time. Periodically check the amount of water stored in the tank. Add water if it is insufficient. The system recommends the use of deionized or purified water.
2) Periodically inspect the water pipes for leaks. If there is water leakage, tighten the screws to prevent water leakage. When the Xenon lamp and the laser rod leak into the seal of the chamber, the main reason is the deformation or aging of the rubber seal. After the screws are tightened, the rubber ring should be leaked. The rubber ring should be inspected carefully. If it has failed, replace the spare rubber ring.

Third, check the laser welding machine optical components
In order to ensure that the laser of the laser welding machine is always in the normal working state, after the continuous operation or when the use of the laser is stopped for a period of time, the components in the optical path such as the YAG rod, the dielectric film, and the lens protection glass shall be inspected first to determine the optical components. If it is not contaminated or if it is contaminated, it should be treated in time to ensure that the optical components will not be damaged by strong laser light.

Fourth, check to adjust the laser resonator
The equipment operator can often check the laser output spot with a black image paper. Once the spot unevenness or energy drop is found, the resonator of the laser should be adjusted in time to ensure the beam quality of the laser output. The commissioning operator must have the common knowledge of laser safety protection and must wear special laser protective glasses during work. The adjustment of the laser must be performed by specially trained personnel. Otherwise, other components on the optical path may be damaged due to laser misalignment or misalignment.

The above is a four-point method for prolonging the life of a laser welding machine in order to extend the life of the machine. In fact, a good machine is just like a person and needs maintenance and maintenance. I hope these suggestions will help guide you in your work.


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