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How to maintain the laser welding machine

Our country has already taken action in all fields to make automated welding technology a strategic goal. Laser welding machines have become the standard configuration for some high-end industrial production and processing enterprises. How should we carry out the maintenance on laser welding machines during the use?

In the process of maintenance, Shenzhen Sun Laser recommend to invite trained professionals to operate, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble. The laser welding machine specific maintenance operations are as follows:

1. In order to ensure that the laser is in normal working condition, after two weeks of continuous operation, or not using for a period of time, first check the components in the optical path such as YAG rod, dielectric diaphragm and lens protection glass before starting the machine, making sure there are no abnormalities such as dust pollution and mildew in each optical components. If any of the above phenomena exists, handle in time to ensure that the optical components will not be damaged unbder the strong laser irradiation.

2. The equipment operator can often check the laser output spot with black paper. Once the spot is uneven or the energy is reduced, the cavity of the laser should be adjusted in time to ensure the beam quality of the laser output.

3. During the use, the conductivity of the circulating water should be checked once a week to ensure that its conductivity is 30.5MW.cm. The internal deionized water must be replaced once a month, and the conductivity of the newly injected pure water must be 32MW.cm. Observe the color change of the ion exchange column in the cooling system. If the color of the resin in the exchange column becomes dark brown or even black, replace the resin immediately.

Laser welding machines are widely used in the electronics industry, especially in the microelectronics industry. Due to the small heat affected zone, rapid heating concentration, and low thermal stress of laser welding, it exhibits unique advantages in the packaging of integrated circuits and semiconductor device casings.


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