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Types and Principles of Cooling Systems in Laser Welding Machines

The cooling system is one of the important components of the Laser welding machine. If the cooling system fails, small equipment will cause the equipment to stop operating. Seriously, it may even cause crystal rods to blow. So the importance of cooling systems for laser welding machines is evident.

At present, the cooling systems of laser welding machines mainly include water-cooled, air-cooled, and water-cooled air-cooled integrated systems. Among them, water cooling is the most widely used. Its working principle is:
1. The laser welding machine chiller generally has a filter, which can effectively filter out the obvious particle impurities in the water, keep the laser pumping chamber clean and prevent the possibility of water blocking.
2. The chiller uses pure water or deionized water, which is more conducive to the direct access of the pump light source to the laser material and can produce a better laser mode.
3, laser welding machine chillers are generally equipped with hydraulic pressure gauges, can at a glance know how the water pressure in the laser waterway.
4. The chiller adopts the imported compressor. The water tank and the water pump are made of stainless steel. The heat transfer coil is also made of stainless steel. This can completely ensure the stable operation of the chiller, the cooling effect is very good, and the temperature accuracy can reach within 1°C. The smaller the control temperature, the less affected by the temperature of the laser. However, we recommend adjusting the temperature difference to about 1 degree.
5, laser welding machine chillers are generally 220V power supply for household use, rather than 380V three-phase power, this is more conducive to the versatility of the equipment.
6, chiller with flow protection, when the amount of water flow is less than the set, there is a signal alarm, you can use to protect the laser and related devices to heat.
7, laser welding machine chiller with temperature protection, if the temperature is inappropriate, there will be a signal alarm.
8, there is water flow alarm.
9, there are chillers can a series of adjustment functions, temperature adjustment, temperature adjustment and other adjustment of power.


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