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How much is a precision mould laser welding machine?

Mould Laser welding machine is specially designed for mould industry, it can be used for the repair of precision moulds, such as digital products, mobile phones, toys, automobiles, motorcycles and other mould manufacturing industries. Through the repair of the mould, the original mould can be fully utilized, which greatly saves production cost and improves work efficiency. This technology can also be used to modify the design or size of the mould to reduce the cycle of product development.

At present, the demand for mould laser welding machine is increasing, and the laser welding machine manufacturers become more and more. Therefore, both suppliers and buyers are very concerned about the price of mould laser welding machine. The configuration of the mould laser welding machines on the market is similar, but the prices are various, so what is the reasonable price for mould laser welding machine?

The price of the mould laser welding machine ranges from tens of thousands CNY to hundreds of thousands CNY. It depends on the laser power, the configuration of the laser welding machine, and the service of the manufacturer. The higher the laser power, the higher the price of the mould laser welding machine. The laser configuration of the laser welding machine has two types: imported laser and domestic laser, the imported laser will be more expensive than the domestic laser.

Shenzhen Sunlasers precision mould laser welding machine has smooth and beautiful weld seam, no need further treatment or only simple processing is needed. It has high weld quality, no air holes, high precision positioning, easy automation. The laser welding machine has moderate price, and our company has an efficient pre-sales, sales, and after-sales service team.


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