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Private custom business card case laser engraving process

The history of Chinese people using business card is very long, and can be traced back to the "visiting card" written in bamboo and wood in the pre-Qin period. In the long period of more than two thousand years, the form, specification and material of business card have not been unified. The business card disseminates information in a random way, becoming an important tool for social occasions.

When it comes to business cards, we have to mention business card box, which is also a symbol of identity. The more precious the material, the more elaborate the business card case, the more it reflects the users grade identity.

Some people who pursue elegance use precious sandalwood to make business card cases, which can be carried around, not only can play the role of sachet, but also make the business card dye with a sweet fragrance, which smells a sense of refreshment.

The engraving of the pattern and the text on the wooden card case can further improve the overall appearance of the card case, and the text pattern carved on the card case by using the laser technology is loved by many consumers.

The business card case can also be presented as a gift to the customer. The laser marking technology is used to engrave the brand logo information on the box to improve the popularity, which has a good publicity effect.

The laser engraving machine is a laser engraving device that performs surface process by optical principle. The laser marking is clear, the speed is fast, the yield rate is high, and there is no pollution. The graphics, characters and serial numbers can be edited by software, the adjustment is convenient.

Shenzhen Sunlasers co2 Laser marking machine can engrave a variety of non-metallic materials. Compared with traditional ink jet coders, the CO2 laser marking machine is faster and more efficient.


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