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Merchant wooden collection QR code laser engraving process

With the advent of the mobile phone intelligence era, more and more internet technologies are used on mobile phones, and QR code is one of them. As a new information of storage, transmission and recognition technology, QR code has greatly accelerated the speed of data collection and information processing, improved peoples work and living environment, and made important contributions to the scientific and modern management.

Do not know when to start, more and more stores use QR codes to receive payments. Scanning code payment has become a habit of peoples lives. Whether it is going out for shopping or dining, basically more than 95% support QR Code payment.

At present, most merchants have engraved their own QR code on the wood board for consumers to scan and pay, and these QR codes are carved on the board by laser technology.

The wood material Laser marking machine "marks" the traces by the chemical and physical changes of the surface substances caused by the light energy, or burns off some of the substances by the light energy, and displays the patterns and characters to be etched.

The co2 laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser adopts the imported assembled galvanometer, which has the advantages of high speed, high precision and excellent performance. Compared with the traditional ink jet coding machine, the marking speed of CO2 laser marking machine is faster. And its anti-counterfeiting performance is significant, can not be wiped, really gives you a reassuring logo.


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