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CO2 laser engraving wooden mobile phone base bracket process application

Nowadays, smart phones have penetrated into every aspect of peoples daily life like entertainment, social contact, office, shopping etc. People are increasingly inseparable from the use of smart phones. However, there is a drawback in smartphones, that is, the power consumption is particularly fast, and people need to be charged frequently to continue using them.

When the mobile phone is charging, people want to watch the video on the mobile phone, the smart phone will generate high heat, and because there is no way to dissipate heat for a long time, it is extremely easy to bring danger to the user. In order to solve this problem, the smartphone holder emerges on the market. The most common mobile phone holder for smartphones is the triangular metal bracket that is placed on the desktop.

Due to the height of the triangular metal bracket, people need to look down when using the mobile phone, but the long time bow is extremely unfavorable to the neck, and the metal has high thermal conductivity. The heat generated by the mobile phone during charging is easily absorbed by the metal bracket. So the metal bracket is quickly replaced by wooden bracket.

The mobile phone base made of wood material is very good in quality, smooth and beautiful, and the workmanship is perfect and exquisite. Its compact design is easy for carry, and very firm to be placed on the table, not falling. The color of the wood is very good, and the wooden mobile phone base with laser engraving technology is more popular among consumers.

Laser marking machine uses laser beam to mark permanently on the surface of a variety of different materials. The laser marking is to expose deep materials by evaporation of surface substances, thereby engraving beautiful patterns, trademarks, dates, logos or texts. The wooden co2 laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser is controlled by computer when the wood mobile phone base is engraved, and the marking is clearly and permanently processed without contact.


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