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Milk powder cans laser marking QR code anti-counterfeiting

The issue of food safety in domestic market is getting more and more attention from everyone. In the food industry, milk powder is an important concern for thousands of parents. Milk powder is the babys “rations”, and the safety and quality of milk powder is also the focus of the industry and consumers. Many mothers hope to quickly find information on the origin and batch number of milk powder, and can truly understand the production information of milk powder to further ensure the quality of baby milk powder.

Due to events such as Melamine Incident, the confidence of Chinese people in domestic dairy products has been greatly lost. The biggest challenge facing the dairy industry is how to re-establish consumer confidence, how to make consumers intuitively see and feel the various aspects of dairy production, tracing back has become an extremely important part of dairy production.

Each can of milk powder will be given unique identifiable information through the coding technology in the production process, through this unique identifiable information, the entire process of retrospective information management is possible.

It is a problem to realize high-volume products with code, and ensure that the QR code is not falsified or worn. The traditional QR code printer uses ink jet coding, which obviously cannot meet the requirements. Therefore, the QR code Laser marking machine begins to show its advantages!

The QR code laser marking machine uses the laser beam to mark the surface of various materials with permanent marks. The laser marking is non-contact processing, no damage to the product, no tool wear, good marking quality with permanent effect and high anti-counterfeiting.

The QR code fiber laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser can realize one object one code and permanent mark, the mark is clear and beautiful. The most important is that it can solve the pollution problem in the traditional ink marking process, and ensure the safety and hygiene of milk powder during production and use. Make baby healthier and make mother more assured!


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