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CO2 laser marking machine application on leather fabric

Leather is an undecomposed animal skin that has been denatured by physical and chemical processing such as depilation and tanning. The leather is composed of natural protein fibres that are tightly woven in three dimensions, its surface has a special grain layer with natural grain and luster, comfortable feel.

In daily life, leather can be made into different items, such as sofas, shoes, wallets and some DIY trinkets. In order to make the products made of leather less monotonous, the manufacturers will engrave some patterns or words on them to increase the customers desire to purchase.

With the pursuit of fashion, leather products are constantly diversified, functional, green, fashionable and high-end. Due to the slow speed, low efficiency, difficult typesetting, single style, material waste and other defects of traditional manual processing, it can not adapt to the processing needs of the market. While the Laser marking machine can solve this series of problems very well, so it has gradually become an indispensable "good partner" in the leather industry.

The leather laser marking machine is the product of the technological revolution in the new era. Compared with the traditional processing method, it has many features such as high precision, fast speed, strong customization, cost saving, safety and environmental protection. Applying the laser technique to the processing of leather products saves the manufacturing costs in the production process, and the leather industry has entered a new era of digital processing, achieving breakthroughs in process and techniques.

The Co2 laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sun Laser uses laser beam to mark the surface of leather material with permanent mark. The marking effect is to expose the deep substance by evaporation of the surface substance, thereby engraving beautiful patterns, trademarks and characters.


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