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Mobile phone sim card memory card laser marking processing technology

The SIM card is also called user identification card or smart card. The GSM digital mobile phone must be equipped with this card to be used.

The SIM card is used in the GSM system to separate the card from the mobile phone. The SIM card uniquely identifies a user, and a SIM card can be inserted into any GSM mobile phone.

With the development of smart phones, the sim card market has grown by leaps and bounds. We can see there are some logo and text information on the surface of sim card, and the SIM card is a chip card with a microprocessor. It has 5 modules inside, each module has a function, so for the sim card, the requirements on its surface markings are very strict.

The traditional silk screen marking is not clear and easy to fall off, so it is not suitable for marking on the sim card. While the marking performed on the mobile phone sim card surface using Laser marking machine, the effect is exquisite and clear, it has a high degree of recognition and plays a role in anti-counterfeiting.

The reaction mechanism of the mobile phone card laser marking machine is realized by photochemical ablation, that is, the laser energy is used to interrupt the bonding between atoms or molecules, making them become small to vaporize and evaporate. Due to its extremely small focus spot, the processing heat affected zone is minimal, it can mark not only on sim card, but also on memory card.

The UV laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser is cold worked because the high-energy molecules of ultraviolet photons directly separate the molecules on the metal or non-metal materials that need to be processed. However, this detachment causes the molecules to be separated from the materials, this working way does not generate heat, and the laser marking effect is fine, clear and firm.


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