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Laser micro-welding technology application in mobile phone RF antenna copper foil welding

The digital 3C industry covers a wide range. Computers, includes notebook computers, various computer hardware and peripheral devices. And communications, includes wireless communication devices, user terminal devices, switching devices, and transmission devices. In recent years, the mobile phone and telecommunications industries are the main axes. Consumer electronics, includes mobile phones, digital cameras, tablet computers, electronic dictionaries and other digital products, are all consumer electronic products. The 3C industry has a short life cycle and continuously costs reduction and flexible global operations and other characteristics, the 3C industry has gradually developed into a global emerging technology industry following in the footsteps of the digital era.

As a key part of the technology industry, the rapid update of mobile phone manufacturing brings a new round of challenges on the technology capabilities of many companies. The limited mobile phone space needs to accommodate more antennas. After 4G, the operator requires 5 modes and 10 bands, the new mobile phone needs to be compatible with 3G and 2G, and MIMO requires two antennas, which makes the antenna type in the mobile phone become more, and the electromagnetic environment deteriorates, especially the appearance metal parts of the mobile phone become large. After that, the antenna engineers and structural engineers have encountered unprecedented challenges to debug the smart phones that meet the network requirements.

Due to the increasingly smaller and high-precision development of 3C products, the requirements for welding technology are getting higher and higher. This is especially true for the mobile phone industry, one of the main forces of 3C products. The RF antenna used in mobile phone manufacturing is also becoming more and more complex. As the pioneer of laser micro-welding industry, since the mobile phone copper foil laser welding has high energy, high precision, high directionality and other characteristics, and the original PID temperature feedback system can effectively control the processing environment, avoiding the damage caused by the too-high processing temperature, it has improved the processing yield greatly, and the welding difficulties of the RF antenna have been solved efficiently, which provides powerful processing support for the development of 3C products in China.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology, also known as electronic tag, radio frequency identification, is a communication technology that can identify specific targets, read and write related data through radio signals, without establishing mechanical or optical contact between identifying systems and specific targets. Due to the particularity of the RF antenna, the welding of the coaxial cable has higher requirements, and the laser welding system welding method is the best choice for the welding of mobile phone RF antenna.

Shenzhen Sun Laser Laser welding machine features:
1. Non-contact welding, no mechanical stress damage, little thermal effect.
2. Multi-axis intelligent working platform (optional), can be connected to a variety of complex precision welding processes.
3. Coaxial CCD camera positioning and processing monitoring system, can clearly display the weld joints and correct the alignment in time to ensure processing accuracy and automated production.
4. The original temperature feedback system can directly feedback the temperature of the weld joint, and can display the welding temperature curve in real time to ensure the welding yield.
5. Laser, CCD, temperature measurement, indicating light four-points coaxial, perfectly solve the problem of multiple light path overlap in the industry and avoid complicated debugging.
6. When the good rate is 99%, the welding time of a single solder joint is shorter.
7. The X-axis, Y-axis, and Z-axis are suitable for welding more devices with wider application range.
8. Desktop operation, easy to move.
Application field
Shenzhen Sun Laser micro-welding is suitable for micro-speakers, motors, connectors, cameras, antennas, etc. Due to the real-time high-precision control on the temperature of the welding object, it is especially suitable for the welding of high-precision mobile phone parts with high temperature sensitivity.


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