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Laser welding machine application in mobile phone USB data line-Shenzhen Sun Laser

The USB cable is used for connection and communication between the computer and external devices, as well as for charging the phone or connecting with external device. In laymans terms, it is used to transfer data and charge.

The USB data cable plays an important role in our lives. Without it, our mobile phone cant be charged, and our camera will lose its power. It is such a small data line that can be said to have entered our homes. So how is such a small data line produced?

From the welding method, the current USB data line welding is roughly divided into two types: one is purely hand soldered, and the other is machine soldering. Hand soldering is the way in which a worker holds soldering iron in one hand and a cut wire to weld. This is the most primitive welding method, its efficiency is relatively low, and a lot of manpower and material resources are wasted, and the quality cannot be guaranteed. Therefore, in todays efficiency, this mode of production is gradually being eliminated.

At present, many domestic manufacturers of electronic data lines are using laser welding technology, especially in the relatively large mobile phone industry. Mobile phone data lines are very precise components. Generally, ordinary welding equipment is difficult to weld, and it is easy to cause scrapping.

Laser welding machine is a precision welding equipment. Since the shielding shell and USB head of the mobile phone data cable are made of stainless steel, the precision welding position is very small. The laser welding machine has little welding heat and will not hurt the electronic components inside when welding. It has large welding depth, small surface width, high welding strength, fast welding speed, and automatic welding property, so they are all welded by laser welding. The durability, reliability performance and shielding effectiveness of the mobile phone data line soldered by the mobile phone data line laser welding machine are significantly higher than those of other welding methods.

The metal laser welding machine of Shenzhen Sun Laser has very good precision and the accuracy can be millimeter. It can also weld in small place, at the same time, the spot of the mobile data line laser welding machine is extremely small. Its thermal impact during soldering is negligible, so the aesthetics of the phone can be maintained after soldering. The mobile phone processed by the mobile phone data line laser welding machine is particularly beautiful, it can meet the aesthetic needs of modern people.


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