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Laser welding machine processing on mobile phone speaker metal dome - Shenzhen Sun Laser

The speaker is an electroacoustic device that converts electrical energy into acoustic energy, simply speaking, it is an acoustic generator. There are many types of speakers, although they work in different ways, but in the end, by generating mechanical vibrations to push the surrounding air, the air medium is fluctuated to achieve "electric-force-acoustic" conversion.

There is a speaker in each mobile phone. Through the speaker, we can hear all kinds of sounds in the mobile phone, and the speaker needs to be soldered together with other parts in the mobile phone to work, so the welding of the speaker becomes a big problem.

The traditional welding method not only has a wide welding seam, but also uses hot processing method to weld the speaker, which will deform the workpiece, and the generated heat easily burns the main board in the mobile phone, so this welding method has been fast eliminated by mobile phone manufacturers. While the emergence of laser micro-welding has quickly been used by many manufacturers.

The work of mobile phone metal Laser welding machine uses high-energy pulsed laser to achieve welding. Laser welding has no mechanical contact, fast welding speed, high production efficiency, small heat input during welding, small weld seam and heat affected zone, little deformation of workpiece after welding. And the laser beam is not subject to electromagnetic interference, no magnetic blow phenomenon exists, it is suitable for the welding of magnetic materials. It does not require a vacuum chamber during welding, does not generate x-rays, and has less harm to the human body. In addition, the control of the laser beam is simple and easy for automation.

The nanosecond pulse laser welding machine developed by Shenzhen Sun Laser is mainly used for the welding of various precision parts of mobile phone. It can implement spot welding and stitch welding with precise control, small focusing spot, high-precision positioning and easy automation. Especially in the welding of sheet metals or refractory materials, laser welding has an incomparable superiority.


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