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Laser marking machine logo marking application on mobile phone stand

Do you feel familiar when you see this? Yes, right, this is what we can see in the mobile phone store, its name is called mobile phone stand. The mobile phone stand made of acrylic material makes mobile phone a good display effect because of its transparency, so it has been widely used in mobile phone shops.

For easy identification, mobile phone sellers will mark the mobile phone brand name or brand LOGO on the stand, so that customers can know the brand of the mobile phone at a glance. So how do these texts and logos are marked? Are these engraved or printed?

In fact, these are marked by Laser marking machines.

The traditional marking method is to use ink jet coding to print pattern characters and numerals on the surface of the object, but the printed numbers and patterns are easily erased, and the dirt will contact the mobile phone displayed on the stand, influencing the perfection of the body, so most manufacturers now choose laser marking machine to mark on the phone stand.

Using laser marking technology to mark the mobile phone stand, the marking is clear and beautiful, not erasable, it will not influence the perfection of the mobile phone.

The laser marking machine developed by Shenzhen Sun Laser Technology Co., Ltd. has small size, good output beam quality, high reliability, permanent high anti-counterfeiting effect and low cost. It has won the support and trust of many manufacturers.


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