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Fiber laser welding machine application on stainless steel tap

The tap is the popular name for the water valve. It is a switch used to control the size of the water flow and has the effect of saving water. The tap has been updated very quickly, from the old cast iron process to the electroplated knob type, then to stainless steel single temperature single control tap, stainless steel dual temperature double control tap, and kitchen semi-automatic tap. Nowadays, more and more consumers comprehensively consider in terms of materials, functions and shapes when they are buying taps.

In the production technology of taps, welding is often required to connect these small parts together. The structure of the tap presents particularity, especially the welding at the bending corner, which is a difficult point in the welding process. The traditional welding method may cause tap leak, so it is necessary to have a welding method with good welding performance and stable weld seam, The Laser welding machine meets these requirements.

Stainless steel tap laser welding machine is a high-energy pulse laser for non-contact welding of objects. The welding workpiece is firm and there is no problem of cracks and pores after welding. The welding on the tap will not leak or break, its performance is stable with low faulty rate.

Laser welding machine is a new type of welding equipment. With its unique advantages of high precision and efficiency, it has won the favor of customers and replaced traditional welding methods.

The fiber laser welding machine developed by Shenzhen Sunlaser is easy to operate, it does not require technical personnel to operate. A new employee can quickly get on the job and save training time for the company. The welding speed is fast, easy for automatic operation and mass production.


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