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Metallic bookmark laser engraving process - give you a palpitation love for the book

With the beginning of the new school season, birthday surprises, teachers day gifts, holiday blessings, the scope is extended to everywhere. Each exquisite bookmark carries a feeling of a book, each time reading gives the reader deep impression.

Metallic bookmarks are an elegant and exquisite reading tool, and a small metal sheet completely enhances our reading experience. Its not just a bookmark for page annotations, it was born to preserve exactly the memory we have between the lines.

Exquisite metal bookmarks are new, breaking the traditional paper bookmarks, whats more is it brings metal texture. With the rapid development of various forms, more and more bookmarks are appearing in front of everyone.

The use of laser marking technology on the metal bookmarks with rich texture to engrave some beautiful language and text has also been loved by many consumers.

The Laser marking machine uses the laser beam to engrave on the product by contactless processing. The marked text and pattern are exquisite and permanent.The fiber laser marking machine of Shenzhen Sunlaser controls the content and range of marking through the industrial computer. The prism and reflector system are used to gather the beam onto the inner surface or inclined surface of the workpiece for processing, which can mark various complicated patterns and text information.


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