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Sun Laser 2018 Spring Outing Activities

In April of spring, the grass grows in the flying season and the willow dikes in the bank. The recovery of all things this season is full of vitality and vigor. It is a good time for outings. In order to enrich the leisure life of employees, enhance communication and collaboration among departments, and enhance the cohesiveness of the company, the company organized its staff on April 14 to participate in spring activities at the beautiful and dreaming Baihuazhou of Songshan Lake.

Fantasy Baihuazhou is a flower theme park, which mainly includes Baiguoxiang Garden, Roman Garden, Rose Loveland, and interactive amusement facilities and performances. There are nearly 1 million elegant “Peony Garden”, nearly 1 million romantic and amazing “Rose Garden”, “Flower Sea World” with different red color, and “Butterfly Valley” with colorful butterflies. "Hundred Flowers Valley" and exquisite craftsmanship, vivid shape "Ruyi Flower Gate", "Dutch Windmill", "Flower Grand View", Xiaoqiao, flower boats and other garden landscape pieces. After an hours drive to the dream of Baihuazhou, everyone enters the park and immerses themselves in a variety of Hua Hai world. The Chinese company leaders organize the employees to kill chickens and catch fish together, and make a big meal for themselves. lunch. After lunch, everyone is free to move, or go for a walk in the sea of flowers and in the valley, or three or five in a group lying under the shade of the trees, bathed in the spring and summer. In the spring, Baihuazhou is beautiful, lush forests, beautiful landscapes, people feels flowing and comfortable, strolls in and walks away, and settled in the mood. In the footsteps of unforgettable memories, everyone enjoys leisure and joy outside work.

The activities of the day are short and substantial. The employees of the company expand their arms, relax and enjoy the freshness and openness of nature. Under the leadership of the companys leadership, the event was well organized and successful. It played an active role in mobilizing the enthusiasm of employees, strengthening communication among employees, and enhancing team awareness. I believe that after returning to their respective posts, we can put more effort into the work with full enthusiasm.


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