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UV laser marking machine marking application on the translucent button

As a laser technology liked by consumers, its application not only is in crafts, but also plays a decisive role in the production of automobiles. The inside of a car is full of laser technology, tires, brakes, clutches, etc., and today we are talking about the marking technology of the Laser marking machine on the translucent buttons in the car.

The white translucent button marked by laser, when the product screen is illuminated, the translucent button can help us to find each button accurately, which will be clear and beautiful under the illumination of the backlight LED light, bringing excellent decorative effect and the beauty of technology to the customer.

The laser marking machine uses laser beam to implement contactless processing on the product. The marking effect is to directly break the molecular chain of the substance by short-wavelength laser to reveal the pattern and text to be etched.
Compared with the traditional inkjet printing technology, the text pattern information marked by UV laser marking machine is clear and permanent with good effect, and it will not fade or fall off. The laser marking machine has good beam quality and very small focusing spot, the super fineness mark can be realized. 


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