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How to adjust the optical path of YAG laser welding machine?

The rapid development of laser technology has enabled laser equipment to be used in every industry, and more and more manufacturers purchase Laser welding machines. The YAG laser welding machine is the laser welding machine with the largest market share currently. The YAG laser welding machine needs to be adjusted after a period of use.

Since the device parts will loose or shift after a period of use, we need to adjust the optical path to ensure the normal operation of the device and good effects. So, how should we adjust the optical path of the YAG laser welding machine?

The basic steps are as follows:
1. Check reference light source
The red semiconductor laser is the reference for the entire optical path, and its accuracy must be ensured first. Use a simple height gauge to check whether the red light is parallel to the top surface of the optical bench rail and on the center line between the two rails of the optical bench. If there is a deviation, it can be adjusted by 6 fastening screws. After adjustment, please check again that all the fastening screws have been fully tightened.
2. Adjust the output mirror (output medium diaphragm) position
Before adjusting the output mirror, the concentrating cavity with the YAG rod should be removed to avoid the adjustment accuracy due to the refractive deviation of the YAG rod in the optical path. The exact position of the output medium diaphragm should allow the red light to be at its center and red light can reflect back completely to the red light exit hole, otherwise it should be carefully adjusted by the knob of the diaphragm holder. Please note that the adjustment ring on the diaphragm holder adjustment knob should be fully locked after adjustment to ensure the stability of its position, and then check if the position of the reflected light remains in place.
3. Check the mounting position of the YAG rod
4. Adjust the position of the totally reflecting mirror(full-reflection diaphragm)
5. Check the position of the shutter
The above steps are for reference only, after all, the YAG laser welding machine designed by different companies may be different, you can directly ask help from the manufacturer.

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