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What are the advantages of galvanometer laser welding machine?

With the rapid development of laser welding technology, it is more and more widely used in the production process, and in order to adapt to various industries, Laser welding machines have evolved into different models. The galvanometer laser welding machine is one of the most popular Laser welding equipment in the industry. What are the advantages of this laser welding machine?

Galvanometer laser welding is a way of laser welding. On the basis of laser welding, the galvanometer and control system are added. The galvanometer is used to implement the rapid scanning and deflection of the laser, which increases the accessibility of the laser. Compared with traditional way, the galvanometer laser welding machine is equipped with a high-speed moving scanning lens, and with the powerful professional graphic processing software, the program-controlled instantaneous multi-point welding is realized, which greatly improves the production efficiency and flexibility.

The galvanometer laser welding technology of Shenzhen Sun Laser can weld refractory materials such as high melting point metals, and even can be used for welding non-metallic materials such as ceramics and plexiglass. It has good effect for welding special-shaped materials, and can implement non-contact long-distance welding on the parts which are difficult or impossible to reach.

It is widely used in welding applications with high welding process requirements and convenient optical path movement, it can weld precision micro-electronic components, integrated circuit leads and other precision parts, high-power diodes, mobile phone batteries, mobile phone cases, electronic components, vacuum cups, stainless steel products, sensors, tungsten wire, aluminum alloy, notebook computer casings, electrical accessories, filters, fuel spray nozzle, golf club heads, zinc alloy crafts, etc.


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