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The operating principle and application range of ultraviolet laser marking machine

Ultraviolet Laser marking machine belongs to one of the laser marking machine series products, also is a kind of new developed laser processing technology, because of the traditional laser marking machine adopts laser is hot working technology, in the aspect of precision for the ascension of space has restricted the development of ultraviolet laser marking machine adopts is, however, a cold, so the precision, the lowest heat affected it, laser technology is one of the great leap forward.

Flow continuously over time as laser application industry is innovation, innovation to accelerate the laser equipment, including laser marking machine is a very important part of the laser technology, ultraviolet laser marking machine as one of the laser marking machine series product, is the latest research and development of a mature laser processing technology.

In the field of modern precision machining, because of the traditional laser marking machine USES a laser hot working technology, has restricted the development of precision, in this context, the ultraviolet laser marking machine has become the darling of the new era. It is a cold working process, the machining process is referred to as "light corrosion effect", "cold" (uv) with high load energy photons, able to break down the material or chemical bonds within the surrounding medium, to make the material in the thermal process of destruction, layer and near the area does not produce heating or thermal deformation, etc., finish the material with smooth edge and low limit of carbide, so the precision and the lowest heat affected it, laser technology is one of the great leap forward. In the field of laser marking machines, shenzhen jinbo laser has made great efforts and developed a series of standard and non-standard automatic uv Laser marking equipment.

Working principle of ultraviolet laser marking machine:

The reaction mechanism of ultraviolet laser processing is realized by photochemical ablation, that is, the laser energy is used to break the bond between atoms or molecules and make them vaporize and evaporate into small molecules. The focal spot is very small, and the processing thermal influence area is very small, so it can be used for ultra-fine marking and special material marking.

Nowadays, along with the rapid development of laser equipment, ultraviolet laser marking machine power increases, the ultraviolet laser marking machine has been used in precision processing high-end market, the 苹果, cosmetics, medicines, food containers and other polymer materials surface marking; Flexible PCB plate marking, marking; Silicon wafer microhole and blind hole processing; LCD liquid crystal glass, glassware surface, metal surface coating, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communication equipment, building materials and other fields.

At ordinary times in our lives, many of the common signs, such as symbols, text and pattern on the metal or nonmetal, BMW logo, mobile phone keys, etc., these designs by ultraviolet laser marking machine marking. The principle of which is uv laser marking machine laser light on the target material surface evaporation show material deep, needed to "carve out" pattern, is simply to use laser beam on the material surface printing permanent marker.

Most materials can absorb ultraviolet laser, such as consumer electronics, mobile phone parts, LCD screen engraving qr code and trademarks, ITO ceramic, sapphire, capacitive touch screen etching and so on can use ultraviolet laser marking machine.

Glass can only be marked with ultraviolet laser marking machine. In general, the application of ultraviolet laser marking machine is relatively extensive.


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