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Electronics industry

  • Led light lamp laser marking
  • Led light lamp laser marking
  • Led light lamp laser marking
  • Led light lamp laser marking
Led light lamp laser markingLed light lamp laser markingLed light lamp laser markingLed light lamp laser marking
The LED industry in China has been showing rapid growth, and LED lighting has a large proportion of the entire LED industry. The share of Chinas LED lighting industry is also growing in the global lighting industry chain, and the transformation and upgrading of LED manufacturing enterprises is also urgent.
In the case of LED lamp mark printing, the traditional printing equipment consumes a large amount of special ink, the consumption of material is large, and the cost is too high. And the inkjet printer nozzles often has ink blocking problem, need professional maintenance personnel. The product style is single, marked effect is easy to erase and change, which affects the credibility of the product. Peoples awareness of environmental protection is continuously enhanced, and the requirements for ink safety and low pollution are getting higher and higher.
Laser marking technology is a more advanced technology than ink jet printing technology. Laser marking machines are developing rapidly in the Chinese market. The laser marking machine greatly solves the problems of the traditional coding machine, improves the reliability and flexibility of the equipment, and is suitable for various metal and non-metal materials.
The working principle of laser marking machine is to collect the laser beam at a very high energy density on the surface of the object to be marked, to vaporize the material of the surface layer in a very short time, and to accurately control the effective displacement of the laser beam, precisely burning out delicate patterns or text, so laser marking machine is the greenest safe marking device.
Shenzhen Sunlaser can provide fiber laser marking machine, UV laser marking machine and other laser equipment to offer solutions for the LED lighting industry. 


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