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  • Mobile camera module and parts laser micro welding
  • Mobile camera module and parts laser micro welding
Mobile camera module and parts laser micro weldingMobile camera module and parts laser micro welding
Laser welding technology is an important tool in the field of micro-precision processing. It is suitable for processing various types of components with high welding precision, especially for the camera. The Laser welding machine eliminates the direct contact during the welding of the mobile phone camera, avoids the surface damage on the parts to be welded, and has higher processing precision. It is a new type of microelectronic packaging and interconnection technology, which can be perfectly applied to the processing of anti-shaking camera on mobile phone, the laser welding technology has a very broad application prospect in the production of mobile phone camera core components.
Inside the conductive module on the mobile phone camera bracket, there are small and super thin conductive metal modules. The laser welding technology can effectively strengthen the welding firmness, improve the conductivity and avoid damage.


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