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Medical equipment industry

  • Medical equipment laser welding
  • Medical equipment laser welding
  • Medical equipment laser welding
Medical equipment laser weldingMedical equipment laser weldingMedical equipment laser welding

Medical device welding is required to be absolutely clean and environmentally friendly. And with the development of more precision instruments, the requirements of welding process are getting higher and higher.

Regardless of whether the Laser welding machine is processed by fiber laser welding machine or nanosecond pulse laser welding machine, the width of the weld can reach micron grade without affecting the flexibility of the weld shape and the welding area. It is especially suitable for medical equipment welding.
Medical instrument products are becoming more and more miniaturized, and the precision required for medical microfluidic devices and diagnostic devices can only be achieved by laser technology. If equipped with high-speed scanning galvanometer, the specified effect is easy to achieve.
Compared with the welding technology of the traditional medical industry, the laser welding machine has obvious advantages in environmental protection and cleaning, and it is unparalleled in process technology. Medical devices are gradually becoming a major "customer" of laser welding machines.


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